America’s Favorite Foods: The 10 Most Popular Foods in America

In actuality, this Chinese restaurant staple—fried chicken—came from the United States.

Sesame chicken

Here are some facts about food for you: This popular bar snack originated in 1943 when chef Ignacio Anaya García quickly combined tortilla chips, cheese, and jalapeño peppers to feed famished patrons.


with Japanese cuisine, this traditional concoction coated with sesame, mirin, soy sauce, and yuzu juice is a staple appetizer. (You have undoubtedly also seen it on menus here in the States, next to miso soup.)

Seaweed salad

People love chili so much that one of the biggest food competitions in the world is the World Championship Chili Cook-Off.


Though lore has it that the dish originated in Naples, the classic tomato, mozzarella, and basil pie is a mainstay in many Italian eateries across the country.

Pizza margherita

By 2028, the hummus market is projected to have grown from its present valuation of approximately 2.95 billion dollars to 6.6 billion dollars. Therefore, even though hummus is only at number 45 this year, we anticipate significant growth from the Middle Eastern dip.


You are obviously not alone if you smile broadly everytime a waitress asks if you would like ordinary or sweet potato fries with that.

Sweet potato fries

Masa tortillas stuffed with Oaxaca cheese would have been utilized in the original quesadilla recipes. Many of the modern takes on this beloved Mexican dish include flour tortillas loaded with Monterey Jack cheese and served with fresh avocado and salsa.

Cheese quesadilla

It should come as no surprise that chicken appears several times on this list given that eight billion (yes, billion) birds are consumed annually in the United States.

Chicken tender

It is hardly surprising that people who order food delivery like this staple of Chinese cuisine. What is not to love about little dumplings floating in a saline, salty chicken broth packed with minced pork?

Wonton soup

Korean BBQ Beef (Bulgogi)