dreamy nail designs to save for your next mani

It combines several current trends, including balletcore, chrome, and glazed donuts, into one adorable, lovely, and sophisticated hit.

Balletcore Frenchie 

Another hybrid trend that combines animal print and Frenchies to create a stylish and appealing appearance.

Cow print Frenchie 

There is a reason it is a classic, and there is going to be a lot more of it.

Classic red 

Modern improvements to the shade will also be made, such as this sheer, juicy jelly finish.

Jelly red 

Aurora nails are a modern spin on the glazed donut; they provide the same glow while drawing your attention to additional, three-dimensional details.

Aurora nails 

A less extravagant but no less amazing method to wear 3D nails.

Gem studs 

Thanks to stylish, modern interpretations of this retro style, nail piercings are making a comeback.

Modern nail piercings 

These cosy colours and abstract swirls feel modern and warm.

Wavy stripes 

Korean BBQ Beef (Bulgogi)