Kimbap (Seaweed Rice Rolls)

What is kimbap?

Korean seaweed rice rolls (kimbap, 김밥) are loaded with a variety of tasty ingredients. Gim is dried seaweed, while bap is rice. These rice rolls offer intriguing textures and aromas from varied fillings.  

Gim (dried seaweed)

Korean/Asian stores and internet retailers sell kimbap (sushi) seaweed sheets. They're lightly toasted and thick enough to contain rice and contents.

Rice for kimbap

You need short-grain rice. Brown or multigrain rice is sometimes added for health. Reduce rice water to cook it drier. For a nutty, savory taste like Korean kimbap, lightly season it with sesame oil and salt.  

Preparing filling ingredient

While filling ingredients take time to prepare, the technique is straightforward. All ingredients, including rice, will be seasoned, so season lightly. Radish and burdock roots are salty when picked.  

Variation – Woo Young Woo Kimbap

The Netflix Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo (summer 2022) popularized Woo Young Woo kimbap on social media.  

Rolling kimbap

How difficult is rolling? After some practice, your second roll is easier. Press your hands evenly across the roll to tighten it. Start with a little of each filling if you're new.  

1. Freshly cooked rice is best for making kimbap. Keep it warm until ready to use.

1. Season the rice after all the filling ingredients are ready. Mix the rice with sesame oil and salt while the rice is still hot/warm.

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