Moon Affects Horoscopes On March 8, 2024


Aries, everything has its time. When you desire something, you go for it. You got here because you're competitive.   


Taurus, rest. This afternoon, the Moon transits Aquarius to Pisces, inviting rest and relaxation.  


You desire pay for your hard effort. Should you request a raise? Of course! Should Moon do so amid a void? Maybe not.  


A last-minute vacation or meeting is appealing, but don't call in sick or leave without a plan.   


"Don't spend too much time searching things that are unstable markets right now." It may be tempting to buy, buy, buy the next big crypto or stock slump or dump your massive currency share this afternoon, but it may be riskier. You may regret your choice.   


Being 'formal' might be crucial while dating or beginning a business. You may wish to sign a contract soon. Don't miss out, but this afternoon comes with a warning—be sure you want and need it.   


This is the greatest time of week to acquire physician approval for a fitness program. You might schedule blood work or a yearly physical instead.


Romance and creativity are good, but sometimes you should focus on your work to avoid escapism. Don't let your schedule get away.   


Despite temptation, change furniture or reorganize a room later. While renovating your home, you may change your mind about what you want.


Extra caution when sending emails is wise. While Mercury is not retrograde, there is a void of course Moon this afternoon, which can cause problems if you haste to send. Why not be extra cautious? A little thought goes a long way.  


Being thrifty during the Moon's emptiness this afternoon is important because money doesn't grow on trees.  


Pisces, rest. This afternoon, the Moon transits Aquarius to your sign, prompting you to unwind. Use today to reflect on a project instead of doubling down on the hands-on side.  

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