Taylor Swift Releases "The Bolter" Edition of "Tortured Poets Department" with Bonus Track

Fans of Taylor Swift will likely buy both versions of The Tortured Poets Department. 

The 34-year-old pop artist introduced a second version of her 11th album, The Bolter 

during the surprise song segment of her Eras Tour event in Melbourne on Friday (Feb. 16). 

A new cover and tagline—"You don't get to tell me about sad"—accompanies the limited-edition package, which includes "The Bolter." 

As with the original Tortured Poets, the "Bolter" edition is available for preorder in CD, cassette tape, and vinyl formats. It drops April 19. 

An acoustic guitar version of "Red." preceded the announcement at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds stadium. 

Swift played Midnights extra track "You're Losing Me" on the piano, calling it "one of my favorites." 

Before performing, she said that penning Tortured Poets over the past two years reminded her "why songwriting is something that actually gets me through my life."  

"I've never had an album where I needed songwriting more than I needed it on Tortured Poets," she said.

At the 2024 Grammys, the "Anti-Hero" singer unveiled The Tortured Poets Department while winning the best pop vocal award for Midnights on Feb. 4. 

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