Visit the stunning and well-known five historical monuments in the United States

Every monument we see serves as a poignant reminder of our rich history, which is intertwined with social, political, and economic developments as well as the Royal Monarchy. Millions of nations have shown favor for the United States of America. For a variety of reasons, it has been a popular travel destination for many people. In the USA, there are about 130 monuments that are overseen by various federal agencies. Every monument is valued for its exquisite and distinctive design. Each monument showcases a past that may have contributed to building the political structure or has honored significant figures and personified American identity.

List of Top 5 historical monuments in US

The top 5 historical monuments in the United States that are highlighted below will be the topic of discussion:

1. New York Statue of Liberty

It’s a marvel of engineering that is easily recognizable to people who have never been to the United States. Millions of people visit New York City to watch and marvel at the sheer size of this structure, wondering how someone could build something so massive. However, it was designed in fragmented forms, assembled, and then sent back to the United States. It was sent as a gift from France to the United States in 1885, on June 17th, to honor the American Revolution and encourage the country’s political values of justice, liberty, and freedom. 214 crates were moved to New York along with 350 puzzle pieces that were rearranged to create a 151-foot-tall icon. It was structured with copper sheets by Eugene and Alexendre Gustave Eiffelle and presented to American minister in the year 1884 in Paris. It was moved to the USA the following year, 1885, disassembled, and placed in New York. This huge structure stands as an inspiration for poets and writers till this era to embark on their creative and rhythmic writing based on freedom, justice and humanity.

2. California’s Muir woods

It is one of the most sought-after heritage places wherein several 1000-year-old redwood trees are standing tall at 250 ft. And that is indeed worth watching. It would be breathtaking view for any visitor. It has been named after John Muir. It has got its name as the 10th national monument under the Antiquities Act of 1906. But the visitors would not get the opportunity to stay overnight. There are no camps or resorts built. People can visit during the day hours and enjoy in the entrance plaza and cafe. It is indeed a wonderful place to explore the local flora and fauna. You can roll your favourite movie camera to take video or still shots of variety of birds, deer, squirrels, sea otters and even spot a black bear. A few lucky have been able to witness Mountain Lion. You can enjoy during the season of April and October. This beautiful landscape governed under Golden Gate National Recreation Area has actually been source of attraction for many creative personalities for composing music and make any film.

3. Lincoln Memorial

It is among the most treasured and adored structures in the country. The most significant person in American history, Abraham Lincoln, was honored in its construction. He is still an inspiration to those who have fought against slavery both at home and abroad. Located at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.’s West End, is this priceless US government property. Henry Bacon, an architect whose designs are modeled after the Parthenon in Greece, created and constructed the incredible building. The structure in Washington, DC, really dominates the area at the west end of the National Mall. Most striking amongst the building structure is the stony figure of Abraham Lincoln who is watching across the reflection pond. Other remarkable points to be taken care of regarding the memorial structure are Gettyburg Address and Lincoln Memorial Address.

4. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The purpose of Mount Rushmore is to symbolize the Shrine of Democracy. The faces of presidents have been expertly thoroughly etched into the granite of the Rocky Mountains. A memorial honoring George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson is carved in the south eastern side of the mountains. The faces have been sculpted to honor the then presidents of US who had played significant roles in shaping the political, social and economical structures of US.  Lincoln and his father, Gutzon Bolgium, chose to carve out the faces of the presidents to maximize their exposure to sunlight in the southeast section of the Rocky Mountains. The Lakota tribe and other associated communities had previously voiced their objections because this location was dedicated to their ancestors. They had lamented the loss of these mountains by the US government because they were sacred to them. Now, these beautiful carvings has gained global interest and thereby attracting thousands of tourists every day. Nearly 400 workers were involved in the recent past who had risked their lives to carve the faces with perfection on the mountains known to be as black hills. These marvellous facial structures of the famous presidents are worth watching and so one should at least plan in his or her life to visit this colossal structure and preserve in their photography shots.

5. Washington Monument

Another unbelievably structured National monument of the USA to be marveled at is the Washington Memorial. The structure was built with its foundation stone placed in 1845. Pierre L’Enfant had the notion to construct the Washington Memorial and dedicate it to George Washington, the country’s first president. But then there were certain serious obstacles on the way that caused delays in the construction of the huge colossal structure. Such factors were Civil war and financial constraints. It was officially inaugurated in the year 1885 in honor of the significant figure of American history, George Washington, the first President of the US. Later it was open for tourists’ entry after 3 years and that was in 1888. The design was initially forwarded by Robert Mills and later finished by Thomas Casey and a team of engineers. At some point in their lives, everyone should make time to visit this most recognizable national memorial that resembles an ancient Egyptian structure.


The most recognizable national monuments among 130 are New York’s Statue of Liberty, California’s Muir Woods, Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C, Mount Rushmore and Washington Memorial. Such places have found themselves in the list of topmost tourist destinations in the US. Every National Monument has a unique historical background connecting to political, social and economic events or showcasing landscape with breathtaking views of flora and fauna. At least one time visit is recommended for everyone in his or her lifetime.

It is the presence of the 1000-year-old redwood trees that gives a unique look or appearance and wonderful flora and fauna over there.
You can get permission from local authorities to hike 6 miles of trails. You can plan as per your stamina and efficiency. However, you will have to follow certain restrictions like you will not be allowed to camp or have a picnic over there.
This world-famous building was designed and built in remembrance and pay honor to Abraham Lincoln. He is not only remembered as the greatest President of the US but recognized as the greatest of all philanthropists who had made efforts to inculcate humanitarian values, inspired for equality and justice for all.
The message that the Statue of Liberty gives to the entire world is about ending slavery and celebrating freedom. Apart from structuring the head and shoulders in 1878, other parts of the Statue of Liberty were built in fragmented parts between the years of 1881 and 1884 in Paris and later shifted to the US for installation in New York City. The design was offered by Fredric Auguste Bartholdi and later built with metal by Richard Morris Hunt.
It stands for the founding, expansion, advancement, and maintenance of this nation.

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